Our Story

Jovanovic Collars is the result of the partnership between us and our respected clients. The business started as a hobby, a simple pastime activity. However, due to our openness to client’s wishes and ideas, we managed to perfect our design, widen our offer and improve our skills.

Soon, it became obvious to us that we need to acquire and develop a solid infrastructure in order to be able to answer our clients’ needs. Following that insight, we established Jovanovic Collars company in 2014.

Our Philosophy

Jovanovic Collars is a company anchored in the idea of strengthening the bond between dog and its owner. Handcrafted with care for detail of every creation, our products are made of the high quality material.

Having in mind that every dog has its unique background story, we’ve given you the chance to personalize every item in accordance to your and your dog’s needs. This synthesis between our artistry and underlying philosophy is what makes Jovanovic Collars the best collection of personalized products for dog trainers.

Our Clients

Famous dog trainers and Jovanovic Collars

Fabrizio Orazi (Italy)

Samuel Camelin (France), Ersevik Yenay (Turkey)

Elvir Velić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Domenico Clerico, Manuela Sasia, Guido Cirone (Italy)

Ernesto Pezzotta (Italy)

Dejan Gavrilovic (Serbia)

Jérôme Faissat (France)

Constantinos Gregoriou (Cyprus)

Ali Giovanni (Italy)

Filippo Venturelli (Italy)

Maxime Geslot (France)

Ernesto Pezzotta, Beppe Pezzotta (Italy)

Siv-Brit Kuhl (Germany)

Yrsevik Yenay (Turkey)

Branislav Nestorovic (Serbia), Loucas Louca (Cyprus)

Patrick Teulieres (France)

Filippo Venturelli (Italy)

Andrea Tidei (Italy)

Marketa Kohutova (Czech Republic)

Vera Klimesova (Czech Republic)

Beppe Pezzotta (Italy)

Sarah Lauenstein (Germany)

If you want to find out more about Jovanovic Collars company, feel free to contact us and ask your questions directly. However, if you are ready to personalize and order a product, message us on Facebook. We’re looking forward to working with you.